Thursday, November 18, 2010

China Fun Facts

If you have never been to China, here are some fun facts to help you better understand this culture.

Food is very important in China, so much so that they will often great each other by saying "Have you eaten?"  Because food is so important, try to at least taste the food when people offer it to you.

The Chinese love to complement foreigners on how good their Chinese is.  Even if you simply says "Hello", in Chinese,  they may reply with "Wow, your Chinese is so good".  The best response is to be humble and say "No, no, it's really not."

The Chinese say their family name first and then their given name second.  So the actress, Zhang Zi Yi, is Ms Zhang.

The Chinese like to refer to each other as Old, and little.  It is a sign of respect.  So if someone mentions you are old, it usually means you have experience and are someone to be respectd.

The Chinese may ask you what is your animal sign.  This is based on their lunar calendar which assigns one of 12 animals to each year.  The animals are, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog.  Look online and figure out what is your animal and they will appreciate you knowing.  They will also use this to guess how old you are.

The two most important holidays in China are Chinese New Year and Golden Week.  Chinese New Year is sometime around February and Golden Week is the 7 days starting on October 1st.  Realize that these are as important as Christmas is in the West and most all business are closed during these periods.

The Chinese love the color red.  It is the color of their national flag and is used alot in celebrations, like weddings.

These are all basic things that you will learn after a short period being in China.  I hope you take the opportunity to visit China, soon and see this wonderful country and all the great changes that are happening everyday, as well as the rich and interesting culture.

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